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Die Scharfrichter Dillenburg in Münstereifel und Jülich — 2 Kommentare

  1. Sehr interessant. Möchte Ich gerne lesen. Diese Jahrbücher sind hier leider nicht erhaltlich.

  2. I am a descendant of Heinrich Dillenburg 1755-1818. I have a chart showing that many of the ancestors of Heinrich and their descendants had the occupation Scharfrichter. I would really like to read these reports. I have access to a translator if the reports are not in English. Is there someone I could correspond with? The article above mentions Kemper, Tobias A .: The Scharfrichter Dillenburg in Münstereifel, Cologne and Jülich. On the genealogy of the Scharfrichter family Dillenburg. Is this available somewhere?
    Thank you so much with your help.